Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Wall Comes Down!

Yes, it is what we call a "Christmas Miracle". Our climbing wall is officially down. It's not often that a man gets to swing a heavy sledge hammer in his own house. Its very therepeutic...if you have a lava rock wall that needs a little TLC. Thanks to the help of Brandon Weekes, Ryan Cusick, my lovely wife, and the Schow and Conrad families.

Swing a sledge hammer was one thing. Picking up all the debris was quite another.
We put up our shield so that the flying rocks wouldn't kill someone. (My guess is that the rocks came flying off at approx 1 million mph, according to our sledge hammer swing speed).

Our shield was ripped down many times...some chunks were too much for it to handle, like they were meteors ripping through thin fog.

Even though it was fun to have Mount Lava in our living room, it was necessary to remove all evidence of our fun project. (It happened to be more difficult than tearing the rock off the wall). Many people helped with this phase, including Kaya. She would pick up the tiny rocks and bring them out to Ryan's truck, parked just outside the front door, and throw her gathered rock, which would often fly just short, right, or left of the truck bed. Either way, it was fun to have everyone's help. Now we are completing the office just behind the fireplace and will be getting a new fireplace/mantle etc. Stay tuned for some exciting developments!!!


ang said...

i almost didn't click on your blog, figuring it wasn't updated... you got me this time! but i am very happy that you found time to update the world on your fantabulous house projects amid your busy life of duplex painting, family responsibilities, softball games, and of course, that excellent book you are reading - Fast Food Nation... how DO you find time to do it all???????

B said...

Congrats on the liberation of your fireplace! That's so cute even Kaya found ways to help out! Love your blog...feel free to check ours out!)

ang said...

i will beat you with the vacation pics on our blog!