Sunday, November 30, 2008

twin binkis

Maleah never took a binki when she was a baby...but now she's making up for it.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

More pics

So, as many of you have guessed, our groove has been severely adjusted right now. Our REM sleep is basically nill, as it has been replaced by "cat naps" throughout the night. Now I have to preface everything I do at work with, "I'm sleep deprived, so just bear with me..."

Tasha is a trooper. She has performed the other wonder of the world: feeding multiple babies at one time.

Kaya, of course, desires to help more helpful than we want her to (the other day, I walked into our room and she was holding the breast pump gear under her shirt and said, "I'm pumping")

Maleah finds every binky and puts it in the babies mouths and then back into her own, right after she "honked" their nose and pointed out every major facial organ (ear, nose, eyes, etc)

A day in the life...but oh it's worth it.

Kaya always wants to be the mother...
this is the first time Maleah has every wanted to hold the babies...Emma got the 1st try.

Little piggie, little piggie, let me in...(Jacob G looks good in pink :)

Kaya and Maleah w/twins

Many have been asking how Kaya and Maleah are reacting to the's your sneek peak.

Havin' fun in the leaves

Kaya and Maleah fully enjoyed our leaf raking project...

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Here's a little play-by-play of our recent events. First, we've documented that Tasha really did have a shelf on her tummy:
Second, we noticed that other's thought she had a shelf too (Tasha's sister, Heidi, told us that her boss was visiting the hospital this week, and noticed "the largest pregnant mom, dressed in a brown mumu" that he'd ever seen...little did he know that he was talking to that pregnant mom's sister)
Third, Tasha has what she calls "sausage toes". And evidently, post labor doesn't reduce swelling. It's getting worse. She thinks she might get stretch marks on her feet.
Now for the fun part. Tasha called me at work Thursday afternoon, saying that her contractions were 6 minutes apart. I hung up on my client, and sped home. When we arrived at the hospital, she was dilated to a 6, and that was without experience painful labor pains.

After checking her, our doctor said that there was a bum and a head competing to come out first. We resolved to push the bum up and break the water of the baby that was head-down. We quickly learned that breaking the water accelerates contractions. In the interim, we were convinced that Tasha should have an epidural. (I've learned that this is one of the wonders of the world, and a saving grace for this father's thumb and forearm muscles). After laboring for about 1.5 hours, we went to the Operating Room (just in case we needed an emergency C-Section). But that wasn't necessary. In fact, Tasha did amazingly well. She delivered both without difficulty. Emma came first, then Jacob came 14 minutes later (a natural gentleman, of course...allowing the woman to go first).

Emma Rae Bigler 5 lbs 10 oz, 18 inches

Jacob Grant Bigler 6 lb 14 oz, 19.5 inches

Both of them love being next to each other.

With twins, we became a collector of arm bands.

All Kaya wants to do is kiss and hold Emma.

Maleah is pretty clueless. Although she looks at them and yells "baby" really well.