Friday, May 09, 2008


I was working on the computer late one night when Tasha gently laid a pregnancy test on the desk. "What do you think of that?" she asked. Both of us didn't think it was possible (especially considering our track record of getting children after 4 yrs of trying), so she got another test out. Positive. "Maybe they're old pregnancy tests," I said. At 11:30pm Tasha went to Wal-Mart to get some new tests. Sure enough, even the new one showed positive.

Shocker! We were really excited, but needed to wait a couple weeks to confirm this with the OB. At this appointment, they brought us to their ultrasound room. After a little looking, the doctor asked, "Do you want the good news or bad news first." As you know, we don't like to be teased about "bad news" at all, so we were quickly relieved (kind of) when he said that we were having TWINS, "which is the good and the bad news".

Needless to say we left the OB office in total shock. That turned out to be the beginning of many realizations. The first came as we approached our car...yep-we suddenly realized that our Lexis is now too small. Four carseats and sedans just don't mix. SUV? Nope. Not when you consider we would be the ones having to crawl over the middle seat to buckle in Kaya/Maleah or the twins in the back. So minivan here we come--and yes, I'm actually getting more and more excited about it. And the list of realizations is getting longer. For now, we are just plain excited.

Due date is mid November, and yes, this time we'll find out what we are going to have.