Sunday, September 20, 2009

date night 4.jpg

The other day we went on a date...we were so tired that after dinner all we could do was go lay down in the park! Sometimes all these sleepless nights catch up to us. :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kitchen Remodel

While we were down in Colorado, we had our guys tear out everything in the kitchen and begin the remodel. This is what we came home to:

We added a pantry and a desk on the far wall, and took out the wall that separated the kitchen/dining room. This really opens it up!

We switched the doors to the dining room area.
All our guys were awesome!!! Basically everything is done except for the texture on the ceiling and walls, and paint. Cabinets should be installed beginning Sept. 23rd. Right now we live in 1/4 inch of dust (which is why we spend all our time in the basement!) We can't wait to get this done.


Yes, it's official...I'm addicted to the Durango area. There's a ton of things to do there, and it is so beautiful!!!! Here's some pics of our latest adventure (BTW, our usual 7 hour drive was lengthened 3 hours b/c of the twins (bless their little hearts) :))

Picking pears and apples in the orchard

Having a picnic after a looooooong (1 mile roundtrip hike w/kids="Long hike") by Vallecito Lake

Kaya and Maleah learned to boulder climb.

Sometimes I even amaze myself! All four in one shot.

Grandpa just bought chickens (a great hit for the kids) unless, of course, the chicken start pecking at their toes.