Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Baby Girl v Baby Boy.

We went to the doc today to have our 20 week ultrasound. We were excited and nervous all at the same time. After arriving at the American Fork hospital, we had a very welcoming surprise: the ultrasound tech was one of the nurses that helped Kaya a lot right after she was born. She was such an awesome person, we even set her up on a date with one of my brothers. (Side note, she's still single and still cool, so maybe my bro has a second chance).

Shortly after reviewing all the surgeries and issues that Kaya has (we've done this so many times that it becomes second nature after a while) we entered the same room where we were told of the many problems Kaya was going to have and that she had a 1% chance to survive after birth. It was surreal being in the same place...except the news this time was quite different. Our baby is doing GREAT, and nothing abnormal can be detected (except that it's related to me, of course). We are very excited!!

Oh yeah, we don't know what we're having either...boy or girl, the baby's still coming home to a pink room to share with Kaya.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Remodel update

We finally got our mantle. And we finally painted our old dining room light and put it in the entry way...

Happy New Year!!!

Every year keeps getting more fun. We are excited to see how another little Bigler will change our lives...note: I said "change" not "rock our world". Hope all your resolutions last longer than the 1.5 month average in America


Sometimes when you're a girl, you wear stretchy pants in your room...Pink boots...red tights...stripped shirt...she picked this outfit out...I promise. But all her dance moves she learned from me.

Christmas time, oh Christmas time

Our favorite time of the year! This was the first year that Kaya really looked forward to Santa. We didn't realize how lucky we were that she likes Santa. We had a party and had a "drop-in" from Santa and all the other kids her age ran to their dads and moms...scared to death. Even a free candycane couldn't pursuade them to go sit on his knee.

Snow came with fun mini snowmen and snow angels..."Kaya size", as we call them.

Kaya really likes the snow, except when she gets hit in the head with a snowball (we have really good snowball fights in the back yard, and sometimes Uncle Ryan missfires) or trips and put her hands in the snow. When she's warm she smiles and when she's cold, she screams. It's as simple as that.

After making snow angels we would come in the house and sit by the warm fire.

Christmas in Colorado was especially fun. We were missing Tasha's sister Heidi because she's still in cooooooold Wisconsin serving a mission.

While there we got really sore cross-country skiing. I knew I was out of shape, but didn't know I was that off track! Maybe it was more strenuous pulling our heavy-weight 22 lb daughter behind me on a slick sled, or the high altitude...

whatever the cause, I could barely walk the next couple days.My saving grace was being able to lay down on the couch and listen to Kaya play beautiful music on her new harmonica. Even dog ears liked it. Their dog, Dakota, almost howled he liked it so much.

Kaya's favorite gift was her new pink outfit, including her pink cowgirl boots. More than the gifts, we just enjoyed relaxing. There are so many things to do down in Durango, and we just scratch the surface when we go down there. I'm amazed at all the deer they have in the orchard right behind their house. One night, we counted over 15 deer...about 6 big bucks too.

Every year we have a tradition of attending the Bethlehem Night at the Sorensen house. It is an awesome event that creates the environment of a mini Bethlehem...and what Christmas is really all about. We hope you all had a great Christmas!