Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kaya's Baptismal Day

Kaya was baptised on Feb 5th. It was a super happy day. Kaya was radiant! After she was baptized she said "Can I please do that again? I feel so clean inside!" Then she said "This is my best day ever!" She is so cute!

We had such a wonderful time with all of our family and friends. Thank you to all who came, made cupcakes, made soups, and sent cards. You made our day complete!

Jacob the fire chief

Happy Birthday Kaya
double trouble in the spice cabinet

Maleah loves lizards but she specifically asked for a pink one to go with her blue one from last year. We rarely see her soooooo excited!

Christmas morning opening presents

A wise man bringing gifts to baby Jesus (I think a princess crown will work don't you?)

Christmas Best