Monday, March 24, 2008 other not-so-deep thoughts

As many of you know, I've been contemplating furthering my education. For a long time, I've been anticipating a masters in business or some finance-related degree. But earlier this year, I was re-directed.

Tasha asked me one morning: "Grant, are you doing what you should be doing with your life?"

That penetrating question sums up the beginning of a great many days of pondering about what type of education I should obtain. My answer came clearly. I need attend law school. Although a clear answer, I spent the next several days asking myself if I was listening to the right spirit...and after other events triggered confirmation that I was, I became assured more than most times in my life that my path for the next 4 years is clear: law school, here I come.

What type of law? What school? I have no idea... I would have preferred that the answer came after softball season was over and after some of my other businesses were off the ground (studying for 15 hours/week doesn't leave time for much of anything). I will take the LSAT in June and plan on attending fall of 2009...somewhere. Until then--yes--my blog posts might be sporadic. :) (they may have some consistency, helps that I got a new iMac (and can see my new toy while typing)--yes, I joined the MacRevolution (or the anti-PC revolution...either way...)

My last note: This process has renewed my understanding of how to approach life. Life isn't all about so many things, and meant specifically for a few things. I value a variety of ways, not necessarily tied to a formal degree from an accredited institution. Many books sit on shelves with pages unopened. Many children sit at home participating in good practices that could be better or better yet, even best.

So often we live life by moving with the tide...doing things because others do them. But we are here to learn, to stretch, and have experiences that build our faith in God. I believe if each of us asked and involved the Lord in even our daily duties and decisions, we will be given more ability to accomplish tasks that are designed to complete and enrich our character. Thus we will be positioned to bless the lives of many others.

We went to the open house of the Rexburg temple earlier this camera almost didn't work in the -20 degree weather. I loved Ricks...but am not sure how I made it through the winters...

Three Months Later...

Yep--she's still eating, sleeping, and pooping. The only thing that tempts her to begin moving is if there's a big steak dangling in front of her nose. At 10 months, she started crawling...her right leg sticks straight out to the side, her left knee being the only one touching the ground. I call it the Ahab crawl.