Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our family took a week vacation to Montana and visited Glacier National Park.

The views were pristine!

We even got a peak at the Canadian border

Logan pass had a ton of snow.
The kids made some quick snow angles, but they were so quick we couldn't get the camera out in time.

We saw some big horned sheep.

Kaya was only three weeks out from having surgery on both knees.  She still begged to go on every hike we could find.

"Don't step on a crack or you will fall and break your back"  This is the only time he slowed down the whole time we were on this trail.  It was through the "Cedars of Lebanon" forest.

After leaving Glacier we went through beautiful Flathead Lake.  Then we went down to Hamilton Montana for a family wedding.  It was beautiful! 

It was nice to celebrate with family.

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Holly said...

Hi Guys! You're so brave to take all the kiddies on a family trip. :) Hope it went well. Great to see the wedding pics and Glacier, such a pretty place. Let's get together soon.