Sunday, February 01, 2009

Growing So Fast

Yesterday marked Em-J's 3 month mark. It's absolutely amazing how time flies when you're sleep deprived! :) (Oh, and having fun). These kids have been surprisingly low maintenance. Aside from a little gas, they are very happy. Their new thing is looking at us with smiles and jabbering a little. It is fun to see how quickly they learn.

The other day was the first time I think they actually noticed each other...and as expected, Emma did most of the talking while Jacob was looking at her with the eyes of a tiger waiting to pounce and wrestle. Classic boy and girl!!!

This picture is really deceiving. Emma usually doesn't take the binki very well when she falls asleep. But when she's asleep...ohhhhhhh the peace and rest. :) To give her credit, Emma actually goes to sleep easier than Jacob.

I knew Jacob would look good in a baseball uniform!!! I'm still looking forward to the time we can go play some catch. By the looks of it, he'll be a strong right hander that will throw a good 90 mph. :)

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ang said...

yay for new pictures! they are so sweet and even cuter in person. see you guys soon!