Thursday, December 25, 2008


Thanksgiving with the Biglers can sometimes be overwhelming. My 9 siblings and their nieces and nephews makes for a household Tasha and I now operate on "twin time" (the official definition we're requesting Wikipedia to add is: 'we'll be there between the hours of 8am and 5pm'...reminds you of RC Willey's delivery practice doesn't it???)

We thought we'd go up Thursday and comeback Friday...but then we (Tasha really) noticed how many extra hands there were in the house to help, and our one day vacation quickly turned into three.

In those three days, I practically mastered Guitar Hero (after only three songs...I promise), we gorged ourselves with yummy food (my favorite was the Prime Rib and Ratatouille), Maleah (force)fed Emma a Cheeto, near-death experience with a leaking propane tank, a nice walk through Lagoon's park, and a fast-paced Bigler brother go-cart race.

Kaya and Maleah were so fun walking in the park together...Maleah was so comfy with my piggy back ride that she fell asleep.

Kaya with some of her cousins: Kamille, Kolby, and Kendall.

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