Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Best of Times

1. Kaya recently said: "Mommy, I love Jesus" and then after a little pause she said, "I love Jesus' hair too". What a girl!!!!

2. Tasha was trying to take a picture of Maleah, but Kaya was blocking her shot. Tasha kept telling Kaya to duck. After a few times of saying that, Kaya was in front of Maleah's face saying: "quack, quack...quack, quack"


Holly said...

Your girls are so cute, perhaps they might want to hook up with Austin?! :)

B said...

LOL! That's hilarious! Quack! Quack! How else can I be of service, Mom? LOL!

Pablo said...

That is still funny even though I read it like 5 times already