Sunday, August 05, 2007

Bigler Campout

POPULATION: whatever it was, the Biglers doubled it
MISSION: hold your feet in ice cold mountain streams to see who's crazy enough to stay there the longest...I think I was the craziest one.

We attempted to go fishing, but the flies were so bad that we spent our time hunting instead. (I think I killed a hundred of 'em). When we got to our fishing hole, we unloaded, hooked some worms on the line and dropped them in the stream. About 3 minutes later, after no action, Kendall (Joe's boy) says: "How long is this gonna take???"
While there, we had a big peanut scare. Kaya asked us if she could have a cookie. Since there wasn't a label on the box, we rubbed the cookie on her skin. Usually we can wait for a couple minutes and her skin will have a hive if she's allergic. Since we didn't see a hive, we allowed her to eat the cookie. About 10 minutes later, she had labored breathing and was itching everywhere, including in her throat. Thankfully she pulled through without us having to rush her to the hospital (which was over 1 hour away!!--a scary thought, especially considering the epi-pen is only good for about 30 min).

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ang said...

I can't believe you updated the blog!! Way to go Ducks!!