Sunday, May 06, 2007

Noah's Ark in my basement

Alright...who opened the umbrella in our basement??? This flood couldn't have happened just because we live in a 30 year old had to be something else right? Well, Noah only has one edge on me: My flood didn't require me to live in a self contained zoo for 40 days (although sometimes it feels like that around here :) The culprit was our outside faucet. It's funny...everytime I talk to someone about what caused our flood, they say, "You didn't unscrew your hose before winter, huh." Sometimes I wonder why I'm always in the dark on these important subjects, and why I always have to learn as I go. I'm liking the idea of "preventative maintenance".The quick story is this: Ryan (Tasha's brother) was outside washing his truck...noticing that he had low water pressure. After about 30 minutes he went inside to get something from his room. That's when he noticed the water coming in his shoes. Tasha and I were in Provo showing our duplex, and got the call that something was wrong. We hurried back, and 4 wet/dry vacs and 5 hours later, we got about all the water up we could.
You know when something happens that creates a domino effect...well, that was this flood. Now that the carpet is out, we can do what we were wanting to: texture the walls (old world style), replace baseboards and trim, tile--you know, simple stuff that only takes a minute. We are in the process now, and hope to be finished before the baby comes.

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B said...

I can't believe all the stuff that you guys are doing! Good luck getting it all done... I'm sure everything will look fantastic when you're done.