Sunday, March 04, 2007

Kaya's BIG 4

This is a really LATE post (Kaya will kill me later when she's a teenager), but hey, 1.5 months later is better than never! Kaya and Tasha were in Arizona visiting Tasha's grandparents on Kaya's b-day, then we had another party when she got back here. So she really had two birthday parties. In Arizona she went on a merry-go-round, went shopping, playing in the swimming pool (while we were freeeeeeezing in Utah), and to the circus. In Utah, we had all her cousins over for a big party(Thanks to Caitlin Nibly for these pics)

They really liked these glow in the dark got dangerous in the dark. I think my eye almost got poked out.

It's fun to see Kaya growing older (I wish she was growing taller and heavier...she's probably the lightest 4 year old--21 lbs). Opening presents is fun (she actually likes her toys and clothes), she actually blows out candles, and she eats her cake (at least a couple bites).
We are hoping for 30 lbs next B-day, but 1st Quarter results are a little disappointing and we need to make up ground in the 2nd Quarter. Otherwise, the shareholders (Tash, me, all of you) will be in an uproar.


ang said...

Yay! New post! Kaya needs to have birthdays more often so we get more news from the Biglers...

The Mathews Four said...

Hey! We found your blog through Patrick Place! We sure do miss having you across the street. Boy you guys have been busy. Congrats on the new babe, the remodeling, and everything.

B said...

Happy B-day Kaya! How fun to be four! Buddy will be four soon and it's almost blowing my mind!