Sunday, April 02, 2006

Kaya has finally broke the 18 lb mark! We are very happy for her...later in life (ie teenage years) she might have a good laugh that we actually celebrated her weight gain. It seems that most people celebrate when weight is lost, not gained. But we're a little unique, what can we say? :)
We're very excited about the upcoming summer...even though the winters here at our new house were very fun.
If old man winter would let spring come, we can start on our summer projects. We are currently mid-way through tearing down our "cottage cheese" ceiling. We've stripped down almost all the wallpaper and we are looking forward to tearing out our lava rock fireplace "mantle" and putting in an office. It will be great fun.

The most recent news in our family is the departure of the Barkers. Paul, Ang, and Davis endured with us for 5 months and, after many delicious BBQs, ping pong tournaments, 90's trivial pursuit games (Paul always killed us), and midnight conversations, we each have our own houses.

They purchased a home in Springville, and now we are moving all our storage stuff down to the basement.

Kaya is having so much fun in the basement...crawling in every corner and crevice (and she's so small she can fit in some tight spots).

Tasha's brother, Ryan, is excited to have access to the basement too. He finally got a room in the basement with a closet and some privacy (the game room didn't quite do it :). He's going to stay with us for a while until he finishes agonizing over the DAT (dental school test).


ang said...

i think you guys endured with us!! the blog is super...keep posting!

superclosetnerd said...

Wordpress or Blogger, I just can't decide. I want a blog for my site and see positives and negatives. I like what you have here and blogger's free so maybe I should just go that route. Here's my little site I'm gonna blog about-- gas fireplaces